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Damjan erzählt…

As a skater every year I stopped to skate for at least 2 months due to closed ice rinks in Slovenia. Restarting the season was always difficult, took me a few months to get where I was. But only for those elements that were on 90 percent successfully achieved. The Rest of the elements was all over again learning process. 

Due to the Covid-19 situation we are living into, I understand how hard is for young athletes to keep the pace as figure skating is very complex sport. Being and skating on ice is not natural for humans. It takes a lot of motor skills and time to achieve just one of the many moves we have. More then 2 weeks is already enough to start losing feeling of ice and elements.

Thanks to technology, we can at least continue off-ice practices over on line. It’s not the same, but some part can be done on off-ice. Of course the plan has to change and rearrange the goal during that period. To keep athletes motivated and get out as much as possible so when they return back on ice is like they were not away.

If I go back to one year ago and a bit, so the time that I started to work with my athletes. Must admit it was not easy. Every beginning is difficult for me as well as for the team and the athletes. Relearn the new process of working, new technique, new style of working. It takes time to understand each other what can and will be achieved not only physically but also mentally and emotionally in the upcoming year/s. Through time you learn what’s good for each individual, what suits their body constitution for achieving better results. To understand what an athletes wants and also what they can achieve, as also they start to understand their own body and abilities they have.

I believe we did a good step forward in the past season and hopefully will go on like that in the next ones. Specially/hopefully as with next season we are getting a new stadium with two ice rinks, fitness room, ballet room. So with those conditions should be also easier to achieve better results. 

Hopefully the Covid-19 situation will not last for long, so we could go back to normality as we are used it. And keep brushing ice as we love to do it.

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